I am clueless , the pace with which things are happening around me , are making me feel trapped and lost in a jungle. The jungle is the same one which I once thought of dwelling in and creating my world but now it feels as if i am trapped in it. The virtual behavior of thoughts seems to be more of an illusion than an opportunity to escape this trap.
What could one do than to blame his thought process for such a blunder , I no longer understand what is right and wrong and that i suppose is the result of flexibility, you provide to your heart, to interfere with your mind.Playing by the rules with sincerity has always been taught to you but what if things don't work out.Patience my friend , a lot of people would suggest, "Patience is the art of hoping, and hope for the best".But how could one be patient when he on account of this patience has lost the battles that could have been won.And then we crib that life is very unfair to us, why me , what have i done wrong. Why cannot i be happy , why cannot i get what i want to make myself happy... are the numerous questions that fill up the void we have developed in our mind due to this grief.So is it pain that hurts?? no it is us who on account of self destructive urge create a shell of sorrow to protect us from even greater harm we think that this jungle will infringe on us.
Then when you think that the battle is almost lost you discover a new world, a new beginning that is in infancy and promises a lot of potential prospects for your dream world and you believe that this is it. The greater plan that life was planning for you , and you embrace it with both hands not realizing that we as humans are incapable of escape.Be nice , be good ,believe in higher powers is taught to us by every religion (a system of control as far as i am concerned).And we embrace the change to be further trapped into the mud hole.
"I want escape " you keep shouting but who would help you,every one around you is facing the same marshy trapped situation like yours , some know it others are ignorant(Ignorance is bliss , it eases your pain) but facing all this with ignorance is no solution.Yes this is being optimistic, what else could your miserable self do ?? I have no answers for these weird questions , i only hope that there are some clues hidden in the jungle that would eventually lead the way and get one through and the one is provided with a lot of patience and strong will to get through or else he may be lost forever.


EKAL said...

When you want to sleep and you are trying too hard to sleep, what happens-> you cannot sleep at all, the whole night.
You can sleep only when you leave yourself free and think nothing. Once you get sleep, you can then try to accomplish tings you want. Once you try with cool mind you will get whatever you want. And at last you will get a good sleep

The people who are ignorant are not the people who want to keep themselves out of miseries of world, but they are the people who want to be free to find the solutions out.

Life is slow. Its you who have a faster approach. you have to keep yourself with the pace of the world, to attain success in the world. otherwise you will be far ahead and find that you have attained nothing which matters.

There are no clues. the only thing which you call a clue is consistent approach.

Neel said...

welcome to corporate world! it starts with frustration :)

bdw ur writing quality is good.keep it up

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