The Eventualities of Time....

This is going to be a very special piece of blog for the people who have been part and parcel of my life in the past 5 yrs.I met them at my college hostel,made friends with them and life was never the same again , those sessions on technical discussions,life building plans,the get-together to discuss the most irrelevant things on this planet and the enthusiasm to fight back with life and show it who is the boss where things which did gave us hope of proving us to this world. But what we never saw coming was that the time we could have been together was spent in chasing dreams and when it was time to realize the dreams we all wouldn't be together. I am not saying that we are falling apart but we would be distantly placed , thanks to Internet and mobile communication that we would be able to keep in touch and update each other of our states but then physical presence is, for me, a mere necessity in any relationship.
This was probably the last weekend that we were able to enjoy the way we used to in the college days. Gathering together, cherishing the memories of the past ,discussing the present and the future , the late night movie shows , the jam sessions, going to places where we used to put up during the college days and gathering those memories but now i suppose certain things would change , Noida would not remain a cool place for me.Actually i am still fighting to understand the consequences but the uncertainty of the events falling in place is merely a coincidence now.
Although past year has been unpredictable and has unfolded in a way i never anticipated so i always keep my fingers crossed and hope that any thing or every thing would change for the betterment of me and my friends.But as every thing has a beginning and an end this phase is also ending,although it is a part of our lives yet lets see what unfolds from the Pandora's box.

P.S.:If something in your life has recently changed, it's time to embrace the newness of it all rather than worrying about what has ended. Look forward to a more interesting tomorrow.


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