An Ode to HIMYM


A moment of serendipity or the moments of truth 
It has been years so what should we do
He saw the signs and endured the extremes 
To tell the universe this was where he was meant to be. 

So he grew up , matured
Stopped doing the fun thing anymore 
His choices changed but love remained the same
Eventually he started loosing the game.

But he gathered himself up,next
To give it another  chance 
BANG, he tried to make that dent
Only to realise life punched him back. 

Yet he rose again
And gave life another shot 
He tasted the music of serendipity,love  
But ended up loosing it all.

It has been few years or so 
And the year is 2030 , you know 
He steals the same blue trumpet, you saw
To finally meet the love , he let go ;) 



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