By Your Side

With every passing moment
When you are by my side
I had always wished the time to standby
Let me sight you with admiration.
For you are once in a generation
And i am happy to be in your legion.

I feel younger when i am with you
So stupid and kiddish like an eight year would do
I promise you the moon and all the glittering stars
And with them would weave the glittering yarn
And under the gleaming star studded sky
We will take the holy vows, which will grow stronger as time flies.

Let me enjoy the moments where you belong
You are the spring, you are the rain
I guess you are worth every pain
But when you are by my side
Every thing else subsides
Only Our Love meets the bare sight.

Sometimes i feel stupid
Your beauty makes me dumb
You charm me with your magical eyes
And everytime i look in them ,am mesmerised.
Such a charming person u have been,
So cute with thy grin.

It's just that i could not express myself
Words wont come out by themselves
Love is altogether a different ball game
Every day i say 'I love you',is not the same
Yet all the efforts, it takes to tell this to you
Happy and Joyous, I will always be with you.

[Context : A poem about a girlfriend being idolized by her lover,specially written on a friend's request ]
[Note : Enjoy reading it and obviously point out the short comings ]


Jyoti Mehta said...

like d way u depicted d feelings of a he feels..younger stupid kiddish..yet mesmerised.. and all the promises(filmy) he makes... beautiful.. :)

abhinav said...

thanks jyoti !!!

The idea was to capture the flow of emotions of a lover .. the filmy part was to add the add the depth of imagination and expressions to express his feelings as he is so dumb to speak up !!!

Harjeet Kaur said...

luvly!! damn romantic and cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely as usual

abhinav said...

thanks Harjeet !!!

thanks Anonymous!!!

Charu said...

cute poem ...

Abhinav Rastogi said...

thanks Charu !!!

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