Oh Boy !!!

Being happy or sad
Is it good or bad
Call it romancing the blues
Oh Boy!!! Go polish your shoes.

Be dressed like a man
Firmly you stand
In the face of the doubts
Oh Boy!!! Bud like a sprout.

The shades of grey
Hit us everyday
Frustrated we try
Oh Boy!!! Dare you cry.

Make a lovely face
With momentary grace
Forget thy sins
Oh Boy!!! Show me that grin.

The pick you hold
Strike those strings of guitar
Making music aloud
Oh Boy!!! rock the crowd.

Hey fall in love
With that special someone
Have a happy time
Oh Boy !!! Make your life rhythm.


Jyoti Mehta said...

nice poem...full of hope.
I wish u d same...."Make ur life rythem"...

abhinav said...

i am onto it mam ..

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