The Beautiful celebration called Life

When I look at the beautiful celebration called Life
The varying colours, the shades that went by
A mix of red , yellow & blue stand out to me 
With every stance that perpetually define thee.
The beauty is not merely skin deep
It all depends on the eye of the beholder
With every frame that i capture 
The real truth inbibes in me.
Looking around to be part of the celebration
I dance my way through utter confusion 
Only to find me in a different light
With so many friends always by my side.
Change as i have seen may not be always for good
But then that brings shades to the colourful life
Happy as i am to accept the path 
Which may definitely seem difficult to walk.
But then i think of all the beautiful memories
Those colours which have made the environment jolly
Those different shades that seem so holy
The memories bring back the joy, and the difficulties just seem to walk by. 
A sincere smile , the rhythm divine
The happiness of celebrating Life
The sound of the music , flip of the pages
those small things , the sweet life
the coffee cup , the sting of the bug 
The sweet meadows , shade of the bushes
The beating of the Heart , the walk in the unknown
Such a beautiful celebration is Life.


jyoti said...

simply full of life n hope...

tanupriya said...

I could very well relate this to myself...nicely written...

abhinav said...

thanks jyoti ..

Yaar this is i believe a phase of every individual's life .. atleast i could say i have seen a lot of our friends living this way :P. keep enjoying the posts .

Kanza Khan said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sorcerer said...

Hey buddy..
First time here..
Nice lines and beautifully written.

shikha sourav said...

Aha!!Sanguineness..simply lovely,full of life,enjoyed it:D

Chairein said...

i really like your blog. it's just so soft and beautiful. i like your poems.

Abhinav Rastogi said...


Thanks a lot . hope u would continue reading it and motivating me further.

@shikha sourav
and sorry for the late reply hope u liked the other poems too , keep following :)


trinhthu.snk said...

are you a poet ?

Abhinav Rastogi said...


i just write what's on my mind , whether it's poems or posts , all i do is explore an emotion and portray it in simple words .
You may call me a poet for a while , btw why did u ask ???


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