The Princess in Love ....

The princess glanced out of the castle window
Seeking a glimpse of the prince that would had her rescue
There were tears in her eyes
The pain in her heart that she could never deny.
She has become the slave of her virtue
the beauty she possessed,felt of no use
She thought "what am i to do without him?"
The pain was aggravating and taking a toll of her.

Love is so blissful she had believed
But the pain she was feeling could not be relieved
The agony was turning into tears
And her heart felt so heavy,she feared.
Will her prince ever come back,
She eyed the portrait displayed on the rack.
Beautiful memories filled her mind
those caressing and kissing were one of a kind.
The first kiss , the gasp of air between their breath,
The manly embrace , those walks in the woods
The never ending love that seemed to pour out of the hazel eyes,
Complementing the flawless stature that in his arms lie.
The mind was wandering in the terrain of happy thoughts
But her eyes refused to be delusioned and poured down tiny drops.
The perpetual denial of grief has been a driving force
And all she could do is cry and let it all go.

The wait has been for a year or so
But it felt as if,ages have flown.
And one day the trumpets blew,
The mighty palace gates , aside drew
The charming prince walked down the aisle
Held the hand of the love of his life.
And then the hazel met the brown eyes,
Penetrating into the bosom where their love lies.


Peeush said...

Awesome depicition.. Great choice of words.. even better is the presentation with the apt picture selected for the depiction..

Anonymous said...

something of the sort i wanted.. :D
keep going.. its better u write keeping urself as the person.. ;)n not sm princess

U said...

I like the picture too.. however few lines are too cheesy.. u cud have done without dem too:P

abhinav said...

@ Peeush
Thanks for liking it

point taken will try but cannot promise it ... hope you liked it.

@ U
It was a poem about love toh thode special effects dal diye,feel lane ke liye will try to omit the cheesyness from the next post.

Shilpa said...

So much close to what actually goes on within heart when the one you love ,seems lost!
and you have put it very correctly,everything seems goin in vain when loved one isn't around!
Cheers! go on..

abhinav said...

Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

yes i actually liked it very much.. ;) its great. :)

rupanjana said...

Best of all writings ... Aptly chosen picture with beautifully woven words...

Charu said...

Totally loved it!!

Charu said...

There was a princess so pure so true
but with life her agony grew
meeting people both old and new
who seldom cared about work of virtue

There were people who loved her sight
and those who conspired in the night
walking among them she found her prince
her world was changed she got convinced

Together they dreamed of love and life
and their hearts beated on each others sight
there were hurdles they always got thru
and the crowd wondered when they flew

And she enjoyed the flawless flight
smiling lips, sparkling eyes
every passing day her heartbeat grew
and she dreamed of a world new

Little did she doubt her prince so true
till one day the prince alone flew
out of sight out of her life
and she was left with crying eyes

Days didnt pass and nights wont die
on every breath she now just sighed
broken dreams blurred her sight
and she could see not through the lies

Lies told, lies denied,
lies prevailed, lies survived
and she wondered looking at her image
how she missed her heart getting damaged

Then one day her senses presumed
and she learnt her lessons new
a new perspective, new pair of eyes
in an old world full of disguise

She met people who loved her sight
and those who conspired in the night
walking among them she found her prince
her world was changed she got convinced...

jyoti said...

beautiful poem...nicely portraied d feelings...awesum

abhinav said...

thanks Jyoti !!! that was encouraging :)

stuti said...

TRULY MESMERIZING!!! perfect portrayal of emotions...

abhinav rastogi said...

Thanks Stuti !!! hope u liked the other posts as well :)

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