Sitting by the Window-Pane ...

Sitting by the window pane, All i could do was think of you.
Sitting by the window pane,glancing on the street
All I could do was think of you.
With a heavy heart , I saw the flash
Memories of you , gripped me with a splash.

I felt the warmth , of you holding my hand
I was so secured , so complete, 
When I held you in my grasp
All these memories kept flashing by.
To the moment when we used to be,
Together under this sun.
Flocking like the doves
Eventually flying to our mystical world.

Where we held each others hands, 
Promising to never part.
And then the time would freeze 
Acknowledging the gleam.
You were the one i cared for,
Your Love i adored.
My heart would go on 
Always for you. 

Every time i met you for the first time
And i praised my luck for you were mine
Those penetrating eyes, why does time flies
I saw all the love yet the pleasure denied.
I felt so sensuous when you glanced
Sultry when you held me in your arms
It was shear love , i knew
But then i choose wrong,throwing away my best chance. 

Sitting by the window pane,glancing in my room
All i could do was think of you.
With a heavy heart , i drew the curtains
Memories will reside and eyes would shed tear drops.
Sitting by the window pane, All i could do was think of you.
[Context : A poem from the perspective of a girl who loved someone but could not commit under the pressure of the Society , Specially written on a friend's request]
[Note : Enjoy reading it and obviously point out the short comings]


Jyoti Mehta said...

like d poem... :) is complex.. (:

abhinav rastogi said...


Thanks for liking the poem and appreciating the theme/ideology of the blog.

Rachika said...

Profound memories

abhinav rastogi said...

Yes the female protagonist is in the state of profound memories and is deeply feeling them , infact missing them.

[And yes this is purely a work of fiction]

vaishali said...

loved it :)

sHoNa said...

Award for you :)

Saumya said...

i like d different themes that u choose + the way you present your content....its graceful + ur thoughts or writings depict smaller portions of our life so simple yet with grandeur of it..good work indeed!!

Steve niklas said...

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

beautiful text.
Follow each other

abhinav rastogi said...

@vaishali Thanks for liking the post !!!

@Shona Thank You so much for the Shine Award. It's always good to be appreciated by fellow bloggers who are so good them-self.

@Saumya Thanks for the praises . As a blogger/writer my motive is to reach out to the readers and present before them a moment from their lives , which they could relate to , That's the USP of reaching out to your audiences.

@izdiher Thanks !! hope you liked the other posts too. I am already following you.

@Steve Niklas Thanks !!! Sure will go through your blog ...

Alcina said...

Sometimes it's just not the right time or right match..something better awaits..

But memories don't fade away of a special someone :)

A very deep piece..!

Alcina-Afixxion Addixt

abhinav rastogi said...

Thanks Alcina, it feels good to be appreciated by fellow bloggers who are so good themselves.

Shalabh said...

Gud one bro... :)..nice work.

Divya said...

Really good Abhinav,
I really loved this one :)

- N - said...

Well written! Liked it!

abhinav rastogi said...

@Shalabh Thanks sirji !!! hum jante hain ki aapki compositions ke samne hum abhi bhi bahut peeche hain in quality but aapki dua aise hi bani rahi toh hum bhi kuch kar jayenge ;)

abhinav rastogi said...

@Divya Mam Thank you so much for appreciating my work !!! hope u liked the other posts too ....

abhinav rastogi said...


Thanks boss !!!

AHMAN ADAM said...

Great Post, I love to read articles that are informative and actually have good content. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading more.

palak said...

lovely work :) a new follower of urs :) impressed :)

shashank said...

Really good Abhinav,
I really loved this one :)

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