The silver you hold in thy grip

I have always wondered,
The silver you hold in thy grip
Universe, you are about to unleash,
Is so beautiful for anyone to keep
Ohh!! love the way , when u blow it with every kiss.
What makes you dream so big
Every star twinkling like this.
The sheen reflects the glitter of hope
Tells me to believe in the beauty it holds

So many worlds rumble
So many people sigh
Ohh !!! when you blow it with thy kiss
The charm of love gratifies
The love you spread
The happiness personifies.
You the angel of love
Where could I find thee
I wish to seek thee before I die.

With every rumble, every breeze
Every word that nature speaks
Carries the essence of love you spread
I just want to hold onto my stars
Out of the ones you unleash from thy hand.
But I wish I could collect the silver
And submit it back in your hands
So that you may blow me a kiss again
Unleashing the life you hold in thy grip

And this time I shall collect every star
All the dreams that i once missed out
Every star shall symbolize the people I met
far or near , I would keep them instead.
A summary of the lifetime
Showered with the love
That You blow with every kiss.
How could you unleash the silver you hold in thy grip,
I have always wondered.


Rach said...

This one is a masterpiece Abhinav but I must confess I had to read it twice to understand the pulp of your penned thoughts.

abhinav said...

thanks rachika !!! i know it is a complex poem but i have poured my understanding in it .

the gist :
its like a ehsaas ,u dream that a lovly figure blows at u
then u see
and then u see ur life in those stars blowing around u
and that beautiful figure going away from u
and u want that to happen once more a deja vu
so that u will catch each star
ur life
every moment of it
and live it again
it's about love
it's about life
it's the fascination and love for life rather than for one single person.

Rach said...

Yup..I understood in second time..:-)
Its not complex but so profound metaphorical at places i would say..

abhinav said...

thanks !!!

Saru Singhal said...

It's so beautiful, the love the way thoughts progress from one line to another...

Sagittarian said...

This is great! How I wish as easy as that to collect again all those I blew before, those people, memories and everything that now I'm longing for.. Thanks for this wonderful thing you shared!..:)

Have a nice day!.:)

Abhinav Rastogi said...

@Saru Singhal
Thanks a lot , but i would say you yourself are a splendid writer and portray such progression of emotions and philosophy in your work.
just loved reading your creations.

Abhinav Rastogi said...


thanks for the appreciation. hope u enjoyed the other poems too.

read a few articles of yours , in fact loved the way u have addressed the problems faced by individuals on the daily basis ..... u made them look simple yet clearly specifying that they make a huge difference in one's life.

web developer india said...

Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.

Home Gyms said...

Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

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