I wrote again ....

i wrote again

The temptation to write,hit me with a stride
I couldn't chide,so I wrote again.

Those flashing thoughts,begot what once I left
So I picked up the pen to write again.

Of the places I visited,the people I met
The stories I picked,on my way uphill.

I wanted to tell , everyone in the world
What I saw , How I felt ? For all the years I did not tell.

The stories of heart
How buddies part, with pain within.

The things no-one tells
And I wrote again of how we all felt.

The things we want, the things we get
How we throw away the goodness in self.

The changing colors,the shades of grey
 Of everybody I met on the way.

Life ain't for the weak of the heart , at every step we are put down.
To rise up again and fight for what we want.

It's Complex Life is all I can tell
So I picked up the pen & ......

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